Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lakota Sioux C-13

This is a very pretty block and is the only block that requires 3 fabrics.  The construction was very time-consuming and a bit frustrating, and the finished block is a bit wonky.

Difficulty clues: 5 sections, 25 fabric pieces, 3/8th inch finished size for several pieces.

Yep, the wonky element is there already in the lower 2 triangles.

I thought I would try to fix the uneven seam where the wood iron is pointing...

After several resews, I declared a truce and finished it.  It meets the criteria of "good enough!"

Here is the white quilt version laid out.

Sections sewn together.  My quality level is reduced for the 2nd version, so it's not as frustrating as the 1st!

And here are the finished blocks, finally!

My next post will be Cathedral Window, D-5,another block with an inner square on-point.

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